We are an all volunteer grassroots organization. We believe in giving a hand up and a way out of homelessness. We have a working proven plan. So far we have been able to help over 82 people out of Homelessness. We help them regain their pride, dignity, self esteem, employment, benefits, housing, and a new way of life. Many of the individuals we have helped are veterans. We believe in helping within the community. A stronger better way of dealing with Homelessness and improving quality of life for everyone.

We unlike other are charities do not believe in enabling people to stay homeless. It’s easy to just bring food and clothes .We are truly making a real difference in people’s lives.Through hard work, determination, love and kindness, and going that extra mile.

We are a GRASSROOTS 501C3 NON PROFIT corporation. We are a “hands on “ group of volunteers that go out several times weekly to give hope and a hand up with support to local homeless living on the streets and in camps located in the woods and fields in the local areas. Tent cities some people call them. We are also out in the community, helping in times of crisis. Making a real difference, going that extra mile.